Growing and supporting your business is one of the biggest goals and challenges for any business owner. Deciding which changes will help build your venture, and which ones will return few results can be very difficult. Xeinadin’s Business Scan can help you simplify the process and help you optimise your business.

Xeinadin’s Business Scan is a fast and easy way to receive valuable insights into the structure and strengths of your business so that you can focus on improving those components which require the most attention. 

Growth focused in 5 minutes

The Business Scan is comprised of a short, five minute, questionnaire which will look at the core of your business and assess the strength and weakness of its key components.

The scan includes questions that will strategically probe your company’s marketing, strategy, and innovation level. Each question’s goal is to find where your business has room for growth and how to foster that growth.

Check how you can grow your business

Key Insights

You will receive a personalised report on the core aspects of your business, and receive insights on how to grow and improve your company. These insights fall into a few categories:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Team
  • Market
  • Product/Service
  • Sales and Marketing

The scan assesses your business for each of the above categories. Individualised insights tale the form of a comprehensive report which comes with additional tips and tricks to boost growth.

Work Towards Growth: Together

Using the results of your Business Scan, our advisors can help you realise your growth goals. As your trusted business advisor, we will help you understand your scan results and help construct a plan of action to address your strengths or weaknesses. Combined with the insights and tips you receive from Xeinadin’s Business Scan, together we can tweak and perfect your strategy (and business) to optimise growth and improvement.


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